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24 Voice Control Features in iOS 13 That Let You Use Your iPhone Totally Hands

There are times when physically interacting with your iPhone is less than ideal, cover samsung a32017 like when you’re cooking or driving. Fortunately, iOS 13 cover greys anatomy iphone 7 has you covered regardless of the circumstance you custodia verticale iphone x may find yourself in. With the new Voice Control custodia cover samsung note5 feature, you can control pretty much everything on your device samsung galaxy s8 plus hoesje without even touching it.

Before we get into the meat of Voice Control, it’s important not to confuse it with the Classic Voice Control feature, which took over the Siri Home/Side button shortcut and let you issue a limited set of commands. The new Voice Control setting is a cover iphone 6 adidas aliexpress far reaching, dedicated option that enables you to cover custodia samsung control your iPhone completely hands free.

The feature is within the Accessibility menu in Settings, and it comes with a ton of commands that ensures minimal physical interactions. Those with disabilities may find Voice Control most useful, but it’s also great when you’ve got your hands full and don’t want to keep touching your iPhone.

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Get Started with Voice ControlUnlike Siri, which requires you to follow verbal prompts for voice recognition purposes, setting up Voice Control if far more straightforward. To start, open the Settings app and select “Accessibility.” From there, tap on “Voice Control,” then choose “Set Up Voice Control” to get started.

Carefully read through each prompt to learn more about Voice Control. It’ll download 350 MB worth of files, and it may ask you to share your usage data and voice samples to help improve Siri and Voice Control.

Once you’ve selected your choices, a blue and white microphone icon will appear in your status bar, indicating that it’s on and listening. While the feature is enabled, it will always be listening for custodia iphone 5s waterproof verbal commands, which we’ll touch upon below.

Feature 1: All Voice Processing Is tally weijl cover iphone 5s On DeviceNo matter when you use Voice Control, anything you say or do is analyzed on your iPhone, not on any of Apple’s cloud servers. It’s all done locally, just like security camera analyzation with HomeKit Secure Video. Of course, if you opted to help improve Voice Control, some of what you do will end up on Apple’s servers.

Feature 2: It Works EverywhereYou may think that you’re limited to using Apple’s own apps and settings with Voice Control, but everything is fair game. Any app you use, whether it’s Words with Friends, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, custodia cover huawei p9 lite or iphone cover 6 7 8 Gmail, is supported by Voice Control. So you can play games, watch movies, read emails, and more all hands free.

Feature 3: There Are Over 300 CommandsBy far, cover samsung j5 2016 silicone 3d the “Customize Commands” option is the most extensive section inside Voice cover iphone 5c disney Control, and familiarizing yourself with the commands is essential to a streamlined hands free experience. There are over 300 commands in all, so it may take you some time to get used to the feature.

Feature 4: You Can Disable CommandsWith over 300 commands, it could be hard to remember everything, and you might accidentally activate a command. But Apple does give you the option to disable commands that you don’t use to simplify things. After selecting a cover ops per iphone 5s command, tap the “Enabled” cover a libro iphone 6 toggle to enable or disable it.

Feature 5: You Can Require ConfirmationYou can also enable the toggle for “Confirmation Required” within an individual command’s page. Doing so brings up a confirmation prompt each time you execute that command. It adds an extra step and may not be ideal for more commonly used commands like opening apps and performing gestures, but it’s useful for ones you tend to set off accidentally.

Feature 6: There Are Basic Navigation CommandsIn the “Customize Commands” section, tap “Basic Navigation.” These commands cover general access to your iPhone and consist of controls that let you verbally perform essential tasks such as opening your iPhone’s App Switcher, Control Center, Notification Center, Siri, and other apps.

You can also go back cover personalizzate iphone 6s plus to your home screen by merely saying “Go home,” “Tap” on specific elements by saying their name, and much more.

Feature 11: There Are Text Navigation CommandsIn the “Customize Commands” section, tap “Text Navigation.” This set mainly deals with cursor controls and lets you move the cursor to the desired spot to edit your text further. From here, you can invoke commands to move the cursor up, down, backward, and forward. Also, you can move it in between words, sentences, and paragraphs to ensure cover samsung s7 inter the cursor ends up exactly where you want it.

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Feature 12: There Are Text Selection CommandsIn the “Customize Commands” section, tap “Text Selection.” In addition to cursor controls, you can also highlight words, sentences, and paragraphs to make edits. For example, you can say “Select previous word to highlight a word that comes before the one that the cursor is on, and then paste it custodia cover samsung a3 at a different location.

Feature 17: You Can Create Your Own CommandsJust because there are over 300 commands available doesn’t mean there’s one for everything. When you can’t find the one you want, make it. For instance, if you like to send messages with the Slam effect, you can set all of the required steps to do so in one custom command.

Tap “Create New Command” in the “Customize Commands” section to get started. You can build one step commands or multistep commands, giving them a keyword phrase to speak instead of having to speak all the steps separately. It’s just like Siri Shortcuts.

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Feature 18: There’s a Command to See CommandsObviously, we’ve only touched upon all of the commands built into Apple’s Voice Control in iOS 13. If you want to revisit all of the sections above, why not use Voice Control to do it With Voice Control on, say “Show commands,” and you’ll be taken right to the “Customize Commands” section.

Feature 19: There Are Confirmation CuesWhen issuing verbal commands using Voice Control, repeating yourself over and over without knowing if they actually registered can lead to frustration, so having a cue to let you know your iPhone heard you goes a long way toward keeping inconvenience to a minimum. To that end, the feature gives you numerous ways to do just that.

Under the Command Feedback section, you can enable “Show Confirmation” or “Play Sound. These will briefly show commands along the top of the screen or play a brief auditory cue, respectively, to let you know they were received.

Feature 20: You Can Get Tips for Using CommandsAs seen above, there’s also a toggle for “Show Hints.” When turned on, Voice Control will provide alternative commands you can try out in case you issue one that’s not recognized by your iPhone. It’s an excellent way to learn how to use Voice Control overall.

Feature 21: You Can Add New Vocabulary WordsAs thorough as your iPhone’s vocabulary list may be, it’s sure not to include words or names you may use regularly. It can be a website you frequently visit that’s spelled a certain way, terms in your native language that you commonly use alongside English, a favorite artist or song, a nickname, and so on.

As such, you should add any word or name you use regularly to Voice Control’s vocabulary to minimize edits and streamline your cover iphone 4s olaf experience. To do so, tap on “Vocabulary” inside “Voice Control,” then hit the plus (+) icon in the upper right. Next, type in the word you want to add and hit “Save.”

Feature 22: There Are Dedicated OverlaysWhile you can apply various overlays continuously or otherwise using the commands seen in the “Overlays” section in “Customize Commands,” Voice Control also has a dedicated “Overlay” menu within its Settings page. From there, you can enable either “Item Numbers,” “Item Names,” or “Numbered Grid,” and apply them without having to issue verbal commands each time.

Regardless of what overlay you’ve selected, doing so displays the overlay continuously (if Voice Control is on) and will appear wherever you are or will be on your device. Beyond that, you can also make adjustments to the overlay’s “Automatic Dimming” and “Dimmed Opacity” to tweak the time it takes to dim after first appearing and its transparency when not in use, respectively. These help keep the feature as unobtrusive as possible.

If choosing the “Numbered Grid,” you also get options to “Tap cover hello kitty iphone 6 by default,” so you don’t have to say “tap” all the time, and to adjust the number of rows and columns. Adding more rows and columns will make it easier to miglior custodia per iphone 6s plus identify and use individual buttons on the screen…